Megan Fox in Harper's Bazaar

I just had to post these pictures of Megan Fox from the upcoming April 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar!

The cover shot is typically 'Megan' (seductive, smouldering and alluring - no surprises as to why she's 'type cast' in films!), but in the shots to follow, Paola Kudacki transforms her into something much less commercial...

For me, the final three images are absolutely captivating and scream "VOGUE editorial". She looks like a high fashion model (bit of Jessica Miller, anyone?) and the depth of her expression demonstrates her connection to the camera.

If Megan keeps producing magazine spreads like this, she should fix herself as a permanent favourite with the fashion pack!

Long live the fox!



  1. Im not a massive fan, but here she does look amazing!!

    -Victoria India.

  2. Same! I think she's overrated but I love this new style for her. Classic!

  3. i like how this looks completly different from how she usually looks. because usually, shes always the same.

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  4. I was def. surprised at how high fashion she looked. There is the most divine knuckle duster in this issue, it has to be seen to be believed