The feeling's neutral.

When I say Summer's about going nude, I don't mean that indecency is the new black, but that neutral tones are making a come-back as the weather hots up!

Ever since I saw the "Pasarela Nude" ("Catwalk in nude") article of February's VOGUE EspaƱa, I've become intrigued as to the way in which one of the most difficult colours can be worn to maximum effect!

Take a look at some of the VOGUE magazine pictures..

The outfit combinations are absolutely gorgeous. I love the ethereal quality that the sheer fabrics and jewelled embellishments give the outfits..a perfect mix of romanticism and understated 'sexy'! Sheer materials and mesh are going to be a big trend this season!

..Trust me to spot the Christopher Kane number (above center)! Kane's work with mesh has always been fantastic. I like the way that the summer florals trend has been updated to give a more sophisticated and less girlie look.

I love the contrasting pastel tones (e.g. the pale blue dress with a pale pink belt) I also think that the pairing here of a light blue dress and tan coloured belt looks very chic!

Towards the end of the spread, the outfits get more structured and move more towards graphic prints and edgier cuts. The flourishes of neon add a more modern, avant-garde element to the outfits.

The versatility of nude and neutral tones is definitely underestimated. Nude tones are not solely associated with 'girlie' dress-cuts and fabric romanticism, something which is clearly reflected by its different treatment on the catwalk. If you take a look at the picture below, the wide scope for interpretation becomes clear:

TOPSHOP Unique uses nude to create a 'sport luxe' look, Versace draws inspiration from the 'underwear as outerwear' trend, Donna Karan creates a grecian vibe, Lanvin develops the asymmetrical look, Burberry toughens up the trench and Valentino works with a feminine cut.

Each of the different interpretations demonstrate that nude can be worn in a variety of styles and can work on a range of different skin tones. Naturally, it is imperative that a degree of care must be taken when choosing the neutral shade you want to work with. If you have a very pale complexion, very creamy or pinky nudes will 'wash you out', so maybe look for nudes with slightly more brown in them. If you have darker skin, nudes should be slightly easier to work with, as light and darker nudes will compliment your complexion. To give your outfit the 'wow' factor, pairing nude with a bright colour - like coral or an intense blue - can kick the impact of a neutral tone up a notch!

Take a look at the 'nude' mood board I've created for some 'food for thought':

Will you be wearing your nudes this summer? If so, how will you be tackling the trend?



  1. Great post :)

  2. Definitely loving the nudes this season. Simply because they look so pretty, well made and feminime. I also agree that tan coloured belts are just so, so chic, but seem so effortless. I think I'll wear my nudes with a drapping dress and small pastel belt. Fab post!!