Roses are red, violets are blue...

As we all know, it's Valentine's day tomorrow and as with every year, there's been the usual commercial furor leading up to it. Valentine hearts are in the window of almost every shop, supermarkets are stocking special Valentine chocolate boxes and card shops have cards with just about any romantic message you could possibly imagine! Couples are planning their romantic day, secret admirers are writing their cards and the single people are arranging a big night out...(or are planning to stay in with a huge tub of Ben & Jerry's and some soppy rom-coms for company!)

If you are planning something special, make sure you step out in style! I've created a little picture brain-storm of some outfit ideas, depending on your personal style! I'm sure we've all experienced the indecision that comes with outfit planning just before going out!

Oh, que c'est beau l'amour!



  1. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

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    x Valentine

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment on SheWearsSheShares! I use to have the same problem, finding nudes that suit me, but a pop of color always works.:) Hope to see you again soon. :)