A little about 'je suis style'...


This is 'je suis style', a blog written by a 21 year old fashion fanatic, shopaholic and style magpie.

A little about me:

-In a nutshell: Most likely to be found wandering around art-galleries, bargaining in London markets or trawling the internet for fashion news and generally stalking Christopher Kane.

My style:

I would describe my style as being quite elegant and romantic, with a touch of edgy glamour..Think a mix of vintage, high street and designer. I have always loved floaty grecian maxi dresses, elegant corsets, sheer-ruffled blouses, vintage chain waist belts, sheer fabrics and clothes embellished with lace, studs, bows or pearl detailing. I adore the look of a glamorous 'going out' dress with a leather jacket thrown over the top to edge it out. Depending on my mood though, my style changes, so one day I may just be feeling a bit rebellious and go for something a little less 'obvious' for me and a little bit more 'avant-garde'.

Favourite designers:

Hervé Léger
Christopher Kane
Matthew Williamson
Betsey Johnson
Colleen Quen
Jay Godfrey
Oscar de la renta
Miu Miu
Vera Wang
Wheels & dollbaby
...to name a few.

It's pretty much my life's goal to own a real one of these (!):

My philosophy:

I think style is knowing what looks good on your figure and dressing for yourself rather than for others. It's something that can't be learnt. In the words of Coco Chanel, "la mode passe, seul le style reste". What is in today, will not be in tomorrow, but investing in items that will endure, will give you a fashion 'grounding'. From that solid base, you can let your fashion creativity run wild. Fashion, in my eyes, is synonymous to art. You can portray yourself however you wish and from day to day you can become whoever or whatever you want to become. A fashion icon is timeless and keeps reinventing themselves. They never fail to keep people guessing and embody someone who challenges our perceptions of the meaning and connotations of the word 'fashion'.


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1 comment :

  1. Ahhhh M'Lady K,
    "Fashion like lust, does not go away
    it is just replaced for another day.
    So with each breath you take,
    many a lock it may break
    but the style you seek, many will hold
    and that will turn into, your icon of gold"