VOGUE España arrives!

So I got home the other day, only to find out that the first issue of my subscription to VOGUE España had arrived! (It states that it's the February issue, so I'm not exactly sure what happened to January's issue, but nevermind!) I was met by the image of Kylie Minogue on the front cover, with the title of "un baño desnudo, SEXY KYLIE: confesiones de una super estrella" emblazoned next to the image (which was surprisingly tasteful, given the dubious insinuations of "un baño desnudo" - bathing nude?!) Kylie looks particularly demure on the cover, so my worries that my subscription had been substituted for FHM were quickly dissipated!

I was reading on the Fashion Spot that a lot of people were not 100% sure about the Kylie cover image, declaring it was a bit 'boring' compared to the cover image that was on the accompanying VOGUE BELLEZA beauty magazine. (Interestingly enough, both cover stars sport similar poses!) What do you think? Kylie or Isabeli Fontana?

Personally, I think the Isabeli Fontana shot leaps out at you more than the image of Kylie does (perhaps due to the paleness of Isabeli's complexion contrasted with the piercing blue eyes and femme fatale scarlet lips), which makes for a more eye-catching front cover. The whole point is that on a magazine stand, you should be immediately drawn to a front cover and consequently buy it! However, the more I look at the other cover, the more I appreciate and am drawn to the sensual beauty that Kylie exudes. It captivates me rather than accosts me with colour.

On further inspection, the 15 page Kylie spread is most certainly a visual delight - The photographer, Vincent Peters, portrays Kylie as a mixture of 1920s movie starlet in the black and white images, dreamy and romantic painter's muse and seductive vintage pin-up! And goodness gracious, does she look amazing for 41!

Take a peek at some of the images...

And here's the 'behind the scenes' video:

I think Ibiza was a great shoot setting and I adore the sun-set field shots! The soft-glow back lighting is truly stunning! The cover may not have first grabbed you, but the shots in the magazine are really something else!

Moving on to the fashion spreads, there was a spread entitled "show de jeans", which pictures an array of different types of denim and displays their day to night wearability and versatility.

However, I was less interested in the denim, and more interested in the amazing photographs..and above all, the model! I skipped to the end of the article, hoping to find out who she was, but it wasn't included in the credits..Luckily, after a bit of online research, I've found out that her name is Elena Melnik! I think I have a new model crush! (Seriously, look at that bone structure and jawline!)

Another of the fashion spreads which deserves a mention, is the "Happy face" shoot with american model, Chanel Iman (photographed by Michelle Ferrara). For this shoot, the emphasis is on textural volume, evoked by mini-dresses with puffed sleeves and lots of ruffles, pleats and petticoats. I particularly like the orange jewel-tone Jorge Vázquez dress (pictured below) and the shape of the ethnic print Juanjo Oliva dress (bottom right). I was at first a little bit skeptical about the 'happy face' expressions Chanel sports, but coupled with her effortless and fluid high fashion poses, it works and stops the shoot from feeling too contrived!

All in all, a good introductory issue to my VOGUE España subscription. I wonder what's in store for next month...


(With thanks to thefashionspot.com for the additional pictures of Elena & Chanel. All other pictures used are my own scans.)


  1. If you don't get at least your own column in a magazine or newspaper in the future I will be so disappointed!

  2. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!!

  3. I love love kylie! what a gorgeous spread!

  4. usually I wouldn't care too much for a 'typical celebrity' on a Vogue cover but I think I am always intrigued by Kylie's personality and beauty :)